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I asked Deianna some questions that I feel most brides ask themselves during the planning process and they’re trying to decide if they need a wedding planner or not. (spoiler alert: you do ;))
  • When should I book a wedding planner? I would either book a planner as soon as you get engaged OR right after you book your venue. If you are a bride who already knows where she wants to get married, then go ahead and get going. However, if you are a bride that has no idea where to start or even what she wants then do yourself a favor and get a planner.
  • Why should I book a planner instead os just a DOC? A DOC just focuses on the making sure the day goes smoothly. A planner is there from the beginning and can guide you throughout the process. Most people aren’t professionals in getting married, so there are so many tips and tricks a planner can offer. Also, so many people have other jobs and things to do, so hiring a planner can take a TON off your plate and make the planning process less stressful and more fun. There’s no need to stress about marrying your person, this season should be enjoyable and memorable in the best way.
  • What to look for in a planner? The most important thing is connection and understanding of style. I always remind couples that we need to connect. If I can already tell things may not be the best fit, I am honest and let my couples know. This process is extremely emotional, detailed, and long, so you want to spend it with someone you feel comfortable with. ALSO, planners have different design styles and it’s important to have a planner than has either done your desired style before or has a style you like. The last thing you want is a planner who specializes in high end luxury weddings and you want a non-traditional, low-key, boho wedding…there may be some complexities when that arises, so just make sure you guys are aligned during the on boarding process.
  • What is a red flag to look for when booking a planner? If your planner comes off disorganized, rude, or in a hurry from the jump….RUN! It’s only going to get worse as time goes on and you will not feel like you’re getting your moneys worth. Picking your planner is just as, if not more, important than any other vendors because they are the ones who literally play a role in every aspect of your big day. Make sure you feel 100% confident with them before you book!
  • If I’m having a small wedding do I still need a planner? YES! It doesn’t matter the size. Wedding days have many different elements and someone is going to need to be there to organize it all and make sure it’s what you’re wanting. The headcount is not dependent on if a planner is needed or not.
  • Are there different package levels, (I’m on a budget)? Most planners have different package levels. It’s usually full service planning, partial planning, and day of (or 60 day) coordination. DOC is obviously the most cost effective one and it goes up from there.
  • What is the importance of having a planner? It’s important to have a wedding planner because you’ll have someone in your corner through the whole journey. Our job is to take all knowledge we know and share it with you to make your planning process fun and less stressful. We often times become close with our clients because we’re there when things are challenging, fun, emotional, and everything in between. We quickly turn into your person and the best team to make your big day happen.
  • How much do you communicate with your couples? My communication level depends on the package they booked. For my full and partial clients, we chat a lot more because I’m involved in the pre planning. For my coordination brides, we start chatting 60 days before their big day and the frequency is dependent on how much needs to be done once I come in.

Deianna Hamilton


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